Some frequently asked questions to Why Not Cake are below.

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please click on the contact page and inquire!    


​​How do I place an order?

By sending an email, completing the form on the contact page, messaging on social media or calling.  Some dates will reserve months in advance, so it is always advisable to place your booking as far ahead as possible.  Half of your total balance due is required at the time of your booking as a deposit.  The remaining balance is due one week prior to your delivery or pick up date.  Any changes to the order must be confirmed prior to the final payment.  Please contact Why Not Cake with the following information:

     -     Date and nature of your event

     -     Approximate number of guests

     -     Flavors of cake and buttercream

     -     Theme or idea for your cake

     -     Your contact information

How do I make a payment?

Why Not Cake uses Paypal Invoicing to send you an electronic invoice when you place your order.  From there, you can quickly, easily and securely make a payment using your credit card, bank account or Paypal balance.  

Where are you located?

Why Not Cake is currently based in Coopersburg, PA.

Do you deliver?

Why Not Cake delivers to many locations on the east coast, particularly serving the Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York areas.  Deliveries of greater distances can be accommodated, so inquire for details.  Delivery fees are based upon round trip mileage.

Can you ship a cake to me?

Why Not Cake ships throughout the continental U.S. for an additional charge.  Orders are carefully packaged to ensure the integrity of the product.  Unfortunately, some designs are not suitable for shipping.  Those with delicate decorations or cakes that require stacking are not available.  Graphic designs, smaller cakes and cupcakes ship well.  Please inquire for the options available to you.  

What is the cost of a custom cake?

Each order is different.  The price of a cake or cupcakes depends upon three factors:

     -     how many servings or the size of the cake

     -     what ingredients are used in the flavors

     -     how much labor is involved in the decorating

Designs are customized to meet the individual needs of the client for the particular event.  Decorations are time consuming and elaborate embellishments can take hours to create.  Your satisfaction is the priority and Why Not Cake will work with you to ensure that your cake meets your expectations and your budget.  Please contact Why Not Cake for a design consultation to obtain a professional quote for your cake design.

What makes your cakes different than the supermarket's?

They are simply a better product.  Each cake is made to order, baked fresh and never frozen.  It's the difference between spending the time to craft a filling made by processing fresh fruit by hand, versus opening a jar of artificially flavored goo.  In addition, these cakes are made with only the finest ingredients that can be more costly and difficult to source.  Why Not Cake's custom creations involve hours of design time and planning, as well as the labor in baking and decorating the final product.  Most supermarkets and local bakeries do not offer their clients delivery or cutting services.  When you hire Why Not Cake for your special event, you are retaining an artist.    

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes!  In fact, Why Not Cake makes many specialty cakes to meet specific dietary criteria, such as organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, non-gmo and sugar-free.  Please inquire to discuss your specific needs and the options available to you.